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Blacksmith is a brand founded by a gun enthusiast and novice dad named David Smith. David has always enjoyed hunting and shooting activities and would often play with his friends whenever he had time.  After his baby was born, he became aware of the importance of safely storing firearms at home. In order to provide better security for his family and himself while they are outside, he often carries a firearm with him. Therefore, he wants to have a safe, reliable, and intelligent gun box that is easy to carry.

Then, he created a gun safes brand, called Blacksmith, which provides better protection for firearms and other valuable items to those who share the same concerns as him and enhances storage safety.


Lock and Load with Confidence - Blacksmith's Gun Safes Offer Security!


Blacksmith launched three types of products: long gun safes, bedside gun boxes, and travel gun boxes, which are suitable for homes, businesses, and other fields. In terms of safety, Blacksmith has always insisted on using higher quality steel than its peers to increase the safety and durability of its gun safes. In terms of intelligence and convenience, Blacksmith has added fingerprint recognition unlocking and app remote operation functions to its gun safes and gun boxes, making them more convenient for customers to use.

In the future, Blacksmith will closely follow consumers’ demand, continuously improve product quality, and develop towards a more intelligent direction, expanding its product line to establish a guaranteed sense of security for its customers and strive to become one of the trusted gun safes brands worldwide."

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