PR01 Foam Pistol Rack, Sturdy Handgun Stand Accessories

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Foam handgun rack, compatible with various pistol types, it keeps your space tidy. Its sturdy design ensures durability while protecting your firearms. Get yours today!

Size: 4 Guns

4 Guns
6 Guns
8 Guns
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Gun Rack with 4/6/8 Pistol Slots for Safety

This pistol rack helps you better organize and manage your pistols, making your space neater. With the sturdy construction, it is not easy to fall apart. Due to each gun slot being 1.5” wide, it is compatible with various types of guns.

Key Features:

Modular design allows for easy expansion and customization of your storage space, accommodating additional pistols or accessories as needed.

Each gun slot is 1.5” wide, most of the large pistols with accessories will fit in this rack without any issues. At the same time, the sturdy lightweight polymer board has better support capacity, so you don't have to worry about the gun frame falling apart when the gun is full.

Constructed from impact-resistant materials, the gun rack provides reliable protection against accidental drops or impacts, safeguarding your pistols from damage.

Different from other pistol racks installed with double-sided tape, our pistol rack has 3 long metal rods and 5 lightweight polymer boards, which can make the structure of the entire pistol rack more stable and make assembly more convenient.

Taking into account the robustness of the pistol bracket and the ease of installation with iron long rods and hexagonal wrenches, can be successfully installed more quickly. 


Product Name: Foam Pistol Rack-4 guns
Color: ‎Black
Outer Material:‎ Metal+High Density Foam
Product Dimensions: ‎"5.5H x 8.3"W x 7.5"D
Capacity: 4 Handguns

Product Name: Foam Pistol Rack-6 guns
Color: ‎Black
Outer Material:‎ Metal+High Density Foam
Product Dimensions: ‎"5.5H x 12.2"W x 7.5"D
Capacity: 6 Handguns

Product Name: Foam Pistol Rack-8 guns
Color: ‎Black
Outer Material:‎ Metal+High Density Foam
Product Dimensions: ‎"5.5H x 16.1"W x 7.5"D
Capacity: 8 Handguns

Package Includes:

5 x Light Polymer Plates
4 x Cushioned Foam
3 x Long Metal Rods
6 x Nuts
2 x Allen Wrench


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Works great

This fits my safe shelf perfectly, cradles pistols well, great purchase.

Vlad S.
Not rugged, but for the cost and what it should do it is a good deal

This is meant to sit in your gun safe or on a shelf in some sort of locked box. It will work fine for that, and the pistols are not going to fall out or collapse the holder. This is not meant to move around anywhere. the pistols are just sort of held up and rest on the foam. I found this created a lot of space on the shelf I had and readily handled the standard-sized pistols I put on it. All good with shelf space left around the front of the side of the shelf.

Love it

The rack is solid and easy to assemble. The foam pieces feel robust and seem like they will hold up over time.

Easy to install.

What I liked about the weapons storage was that it was compact and easy to install in my gun cabinets and any other areas that I wanted to conceal etc. All of my weapons fit in the holder and were secured nicely.!

Jeff flanary

This product was better than I expected it to be. Very easy to assemble and the hard foam base is perfect for propping your handguns up and protect from scratches. The best part about it, everything fits, from 6-inch revolvers to little pocket pistols. Definitely a good buy for the price!

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Anti-slip magnetic stripes

Prevents the pistol rack from falling off when picking up the pistol.


1. Tear off the white non-stick paper and stick it on the bottom of the pistol rack.
2. Place the pistol rack in the iron gun safes.

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pr01-anti-foam-pistol-rack-4-gun-easy-installation-app pr01-anti-foam-pistol-rack-4-gun-easy-installation
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