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SF0104 Rifle Safe, 5 Long Gun Cabinet with Fingerprints

$289.99 $229.99

The Gift of Security: Unlock in just 0.1s using high-recognition Swiss FPC fingerprint technology.

Size: 5 Gun & Biometric Fingerprint

5 Gun & Biometric Fingerprint

Style: Basic

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BlackSmith SF0104 Biometric Gun Safe

Your ultimate solution for secure firearm storage! Safeguard your home with cutting-edge technology, advanced security features, and a sleek design.

Quick Access Fingerprint Technology:
Unlock in just 0.1s using high-recognition Swiss FPC fingerprint technology. Customizable 10-digit keypad and 2 mechanical keys provide additional access options.

Dual Alarm System & Silent Mode:
Activate vibration alarm mode with "*", and silent mode with "#." Receive an alarm after 5 incorrect password inputs for enhanced security. Password memory function eliminates the need to reset after power failure.

High-Quality Construction:
Crafted from 16-gauge alloy steel for maximum pry-resistance. Five 23mm locking bolts provide superior security. LED light ensures visibility at night.

Spacious Interior Design:
Store 5 rifles with removable racks and 7 pistols with dedicated slots. Additional locking box for accessories. Door panel organizers for ammunition storage.

Convenient Dimensions:
External Size:11"D x 11.8"W x 55.1"H; 
Internal Size: 8.3"D x 11.6"W x 55.0"H. 
Enjoy a wide 120° opening angle for convenient access.
STYLE: Basic
External Size:11 "D x 11.8 "W x 54.3"H, 
Internal Size: 8.3"D x 11.6"W x 54.2"H 
Opening angle of 120° for more convenient access. 

Versatile Unlocking Methods:
Choose from Fingerprint+Knob, Combination+Knob, or Key+Knob unlocking methods to suit your preference.

Complete Accessories:
The package includes a 5-slot pistol rack, 3-slot long rifle rack, 2-slot long rifle rack, expansion bolts, mechanical keys, and a Type-C cable.

Secure your firearms with the BlackSmith Biometric Gun Safe – the perfect blend of technology, security, and convenience for your home, office, or workshop.


Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Matthew Brown
Best bang for your buck!

The packaging was great. The safe came in one piece without scratches or broken parts and had a very small dent, but it's nothing. It was easy to install and set up. Of course, this isn't your heavy-duty, impossible-to-lift safe, but it will keep your firearms locked up if you are short on space which is the point w/ this safe actually. Wish the door could open wider but it's very efficient as it is. The small safe in it is also a good touch. The fingerprint scanner is fast and accurate. Some parts of the metalwork might cut or hand inside the safe so make sure you don't move your hands too fast along the edges, some parts are not smooth.

Decent Gun Locker...

This is a much better product than I expected. Though not an actual "Gun Safe" of the weight and strength of one costing several thousand dollars, it does provide me with a storage locker for my handguns and long guns. I am actually surprised by its sturdiness and the heavier-than-expected grade of rolled steel. While it will not deter the dedicated professional thief from more than a fifteen-minute inconvenience of cutting through mounting bolts or pry bar assault, it will deter them long enough for the police in my community to arrive. Additionally, it will keep the curious visitor or child from stumbling across a handgun.

Absolute best value I could find for biometric, key pad, and key unlock with space for long guns

There is some discussion about what qualifies as a gun safe. Another reviewer called this a gun-strong box and I think that's more accurate because the wall metal isn't particularly thick. But it does exactly what I need it to do - lock and prevent anyone from getting access without a protracted battle. But I'm confident my son can't get access. I primarily use the biometric function and I have to say, it's nice, but it's a little bit persnickety. I have another smaller safe that has a better reader (in that it is more forgiving on angle and pressure). I've found the best solution is to program many different prints of the same finger at different angles and different amounts of finger pressure. The more times you do the same finger, the more often it will open on the first try. This is the only "con" for me and it's manageable.

Excellent Secure Gun Cabinet

This is not a safe, but rather a secure gun cabinet made of steel. Not fire or waterproof but in my case I did not need that. I needed a cabinet that would keep my grandchildren out and highly discourage anyone who wanted to steal my guns. It holds 5 long guns easily and with the free from the manufacturer (after the sale of the cabinet) door panel organizer it also will hold up to 3 pistols, misc stuff in a pocket, and documents in the other pocket. Very NICE!!

P. C.
Best safe for the price.

I wanted something to store the few rifles and pistols I own without spending a grand. I just started getting into shooting at the range a couple of years ago, so I don’t have a large amount of guns. This safe had plenty of space and a neat little place to store a rifle in front of the other rifles for quick access. I had an issue with my fingerprint reader, and customer service was absolutely incredible. I highly recommend this safe.

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