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SF0105 Rifle Safe, 5 Long Gun Cabinet with Fingerprints


5 Gun Safe for Rifles and Pistols Biometric Rifle Gun Safe, Quick Access for Home Rifle and Pistols Storage Shelf for Jewelry/Valuables LARGER & DEEPER RIFLE SAFE Larger and deeper rifle...

Size: 5 GUN


Version: With 3 pistol storage bags

With 3 pistol storage bags
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5 Gun Safe for Rifles and Pistols

Biometric Rifle Gun Safe, Quick Access for Home Rifle and Pistols Storage Shelf for Jewelry/Valuables


Larger and deeper rifle safe than similar ones,can store up to 5 rifles up to 50" long. It will fit your firearms if you have optics/scopes are attached or rail mount on top.  Interior of our gun cabinet equipped with soft foam gun support frame and carpeted floor could protect your gun. Exterior Dimensions: 14"W x 13.4"D x 57"H. Interior Dimensions: 13"W x 12"D x 56.2"H.


3 securing methods to accessing your firearms.One-touch biometric system, 3-8 digit keypad can be programmed and 2 emergency keys for quick access. Make sure keep the emergency keys out of your safe in case the batteries die.Stores up to 30 Fingerprints and feel confident protecting your firearms, It is good for preventing unwanted visitors or your children from accessing your guns. The keyhole is covered by one little rubber, which constitutes a hidden keyhole design. Better response to emergencies, and makes the gun cabinet more beautiful. 


Rifle safe has a separate lock box and a removable storage shelf inside, The lock box can store accessories and valuables in your home or office. Removable Storage Shelf could be freely adjusted according to the length of your guns and the number of guns to meet your different needs. The built-in LED light provides illumination in the dark environment, helping you get the gun you want accurately


Blacksmith Rifle Safe stores up to 5 rifles and some handguns,is designed for quick firearm access during emergencies. The 3 pistol pockets are set up for handguns quick access and gun compartmentalization. 


Came with 6 pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware. Pre-drilled mounting holes in the back of the gun security cabinet allow for easy attachment to the wall with attached bolts. so you could freely attach it at anywhere you want, for example can be hidden in a closet, etc. Heavy industry hardware not easy to be broken, Guarantee your gun safety to the greatest extent.


- Brand: Blacksmith
- Color: Black
- Exterior Dimensions: 14"W x 13.4"D x 57"H
- Interior Dimensions: 13"W x 12"D x 56.2"H
- Locking Type: Biometric, Keyboard, Keys
- Gun Storage Number: 5 rifles with/without scope & 3 handguns
- Battery Type: 4 X AA Batteries(Package comes without battery)


- With 1 seperate locking box.
- With 1 removable storage shelf.
- With LED light.
- With 3 pistol pouchs for handguns.
- With 3 Locking Type.
- With 1 soft foam gun support frame.
- With fully-covered flannelette.
- Could hold 5 With scope rifles & 3 handguns.
- With 6 pre-drilled holes in the back of the gun security cabinet.


1. The actual gun capacity is subject to the actual gun size.
2. Package comes without batteries, please prepare your own batteries.

Package Include:

1 x Blacksmith Gun Safe (Without Batteries)
1 x Instruction
2 x Backup Keys
1 x Storage Bag
1 x Mounting Hardware Set

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Definitely worth the purchase!

So when the package arrived it arrived in a VERY secured box with lots of padding and protection, especially on the corners (they had these metal corner protectors on each corner both top and bottom) I assume to help ensure as little damage occurs to the safe itself during shipping and delivery. After opening the packaging the safe was in perfect condition no dings or scratches.

Setting up the key password was easy enough. The fingerprint password DOES work, I have seen reviews saying otherwise (stating that it opens from all finger prints) but I feel this may be a case of improperly following instructions. When the manual refers to the "setting" button it is reffering to a red button behind the door of the safe pressing that then following the instructions properly saves your fingerprint. Having set up the fingerprint reader I decided to do some test runs having some friends all try opening it via the fingerprint reader and thankfully none of them could get it to open, only my fingerprint opened it. The safe also includes a handy little battery pack for the fingerprint/keyboard which is super handy doesnt come with batteries btw keep that in mind.

When it comes to space obviously it isnt the most spacious BUT none the less I still managed to comfortably fit 5 rifles (overall lengths around 22-26 inches) without much issue. There is a little space for storing extras such as ammo and what not, not a ton but a decent little shelfs worth. One tiny thing I want to point out is that the internal lock-box has a little bit of give to it (enough to poke a finger through) but I have had no luck openeing it with a finger poking through. I dont know if thats intentional or not but it is what is, I figure it isnt too big of a deal because odds are if someone gets that far into my safe then it doesnt really matter.

Overall id say it is a solid little safe/locker especially for the price. I cant say I regret it one bit for what I want it for (keeping my things out of others hands) so cant complain. I cant exactly give it the 5 stars I want to give it because of the strange lockbox but if it does turn out to be a design choice then ill happily change my review otherwise I will leave my review as is just for the sake of making it aware.

Michael Collins
Excellent gun safe with capacity I needed

Well designed safe with plenty of storage options. Excellent value in its price range. Perfect for my needs. Fast shipping also.

Good for what it is and price point

Very easy to put together and setup the pin and fingerprint. Its a little tight for more than three rifles with optios and doo dads. easier without any mags placed. will hold pistols with rmr's and weapon lights. stacked mags for all on the top shelf. im happy with it

BG Tech Guy
It's A Cheap Gun Locker/Safe.. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

I went back and forth on a brand. I wanted to get into a brand that was known because the support is normally there for all angles.

Cost? I wasn't expecting much because of the cost, but I needed something to slow them down/do not touch.

It arrived.via FedEx - HUGE brownie points... Perfect handoff. It was banged up about midway down - DEEP gash. Then my face went to a frown. Got out my Tactical knife, cut the sides down..only to find/see..ANOTHER thick layer of packaging. This company went ALL out to make SURE it arrived undamaged.. but was it? NOT A SCRATCH ON IT.This gun locker/safe is way sturdier than I thought it would be. Keys, the digital keypad and fingerprint options all work flawlessly. I DID test the fingerprint on my wife hands (not programmed) and it set off the alarm. It's not loud but a burglar doesn't know if the safe has WiFi connections or if it's notified the owner, so it's useful. So many safes did NOT have a light built in them, but this DOES. Adjustable shelves..

This is awesome, the support response I received was the fastest I've ever received a response from AMZ after 6 years, and the other ppl who owned it must have been ready to answer that. Lol

I would definitely recommend this safe. It's worth EVERY PENNY you paid for it. I was afraid of being let down because I didn't spend at least $1-$2k, and wow..bolt it down and rock and roll baby!

2 shotguns, 2 PDW, 5 hanguns ( I bought the foam shelf separate and modified as I needed ..and to fit..and I'm happy..I have some peace of mind between my security on the house and now this instead of cable locks. We have no kids here...but don't be scared because of the low reviews, they ARE coming. You can believe and trust in their support.

Cheers and thanks for reading!

The Guillens
Great product.

I am very happy with the purchase. There were no reviews but I took a chance and I'm glad I did. It was shipped and delivered on time. It was packaged great and you can tell it wasn't delivered with care. It had a couple dings but it was wrapped in 2 layers of thick cardboard so was undamaged.
The fingerprint and password were very easy to set up. The fingerprint reader can store at least 2 fingerprints but haven't tried more just mine and my wifes.
Came with 2 sets of keys. 2 for the door and 2 for the lock box inside. It was a great buy for the cost. Thumbs up.

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