SF0106 Rifle Safe, 6 Long Gun Cabinet with Fingerprints

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BlackSmith SF0106 Rifle Safe A Cutting-Edge Biometric Solution for Your Firearms! 0.1S Quick Access - Biometric Long Gun Safe: Unlock your pistols and rifles in just 0.1s with advanced SWISS FPC...

Size: 6 Gun & Biometric Fingerprint

6 Gun & Biometric Fingerprint

Style: NO Lock Box

NO Lock Box
With Lock Box
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BlackSmith SF0106 Rifle Safe

A Cutting-Edge Biometric Solution for Your Firearms!

0.1S Quick Access - Biometric Long Gun Safe:
Unlock your pistols and rifles in just 0.1s with advanced SWISS FPC fingerprint recognition technology, ensuring swift and secure access.

Biometric Fingerprint Technology:
Access firearms in 0.1s with a 160x160 pixels fingerprint recognition and 508 DPI scanner. Store up to 30 fingerprints for multiple-user access to this large gun cabinet.

Flexible Storage Space for 6 Rifles/7 Pistols and More:

5-Slot Pistol Holder: Maximize handgun storage space for organized, easy access, and secure storage.
2 Removable 3-Slot Rifle Holder: Safely store up to 6 long rifles, providing ample space for organized storage.
2 Pistol Pouches: Ensure quick access to your handguns, even in emergencies, offering convenient pistol storage.
3 Gun Magazine Organizers: Keep gun magazines organized and easily accessible for quick and hassle-free ammunition access.
High-Security Construction - 16 Gauge Alloy Steel:
Constructed from thicker alloy steel for durability and maximum security.

Internal LED Light:
Ensure convenient access to your pistols and rifles even in low-light or dark environments.

Smart Alarm System:

Error Alarm: Triggered by entering incorrect password 3 times or fingerprint 5 times.
Vibrates Alarm: Press "*" to activate the alert state. Once the safe vibrates, it initiates the alarm.
Password Loss Memory:
Ensuring your fingerprints and passwords remain safeguarded, eliminating the need for resets even after unexpected power outages.


Exterior Dimensions: 54.3"H x 13.8"W x 11"D
Storage: 6 Long Rifles, 7 Handguns
Features: 5-Slot Pistol Holder, 2 Removable 3-Slot Rifle Holders, 3 Gun Magazine Racks, 2 Pistol Pockets
Quick Access: 0.1s Fingerprint Recognition, Numeric Keypad, Spare Keys, Type-C Power Supply
Security: Error and Vibrates Alarm, Mute Function
Construction: 16-Gauge Alloy Steel
Additional: Pre-drilled Holes for Easy Installation, Automatic LED Light
Invest in the BlackSmith SF0106 Rifle Safe for unparalleled security and rapid firearm access.

Customer Reviews

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Peter Cecere
Great safe!

Its a great safe but i do wish it was a bit taller where you can have the shelf or lock box with longer firearms that fit. Other than that, its well made and for the price, its the best choice! If you end up designing a taller model, i’d be honored to do a youtube review on it!

Karen Pollum

The door storage feature really impressed me. It provides an excellent level of storage organization, allowing me to organize and store my firearms and ammo. This not only adds a convenient touch to the overall design but also enhances the practicality of the storage solution.

spacious space

It's an incredibly advanced storage solution for firearm enthusiasts. The cabinet is spacious enough to accommodate multiple guns and accessories


The cabinet is reliable. And it looks good.

Perfect gun cabinet

This product is perfect for gun enthusiasts like me! It's compact and can fit in any living space. Plus, it has multiple user functionality for shared firearm storage. The design is discreet and even has pre-drilled holes for mounting and anti-pry features for added security.

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