I Tested And Ranked The Best AR-15 Gun Safes In 2024


I Tested And Ranked The Best AR-15 Gun Safes In 2024

The best safes for your AR-15 are both affordable and incredibly durable. I use them to store all my rifles and shotguns. Here's my personal ranking of the best options for the money, along with hands-on reviews.

Blacksmith - Swiss Fingerprint Technology

Highlight: Upgraded biometric lock.

Helpful review: "This safe is made or sold as a safe that will hold 6 rifles and two handguns in some built-in pouches. It comes with a pistol rack foam thing for the top shelf.


The safe arrived, and we were not home, so the delivery guy laid it in the driveway, and then it rained. The shipping box had some damage on the corner, so this fella had a crazy trip to my house that is for sure. I cut the box off of the safe, and to my happy surprise, the manufacturer had placed hard cap protectors over the corners and very serious Styrofoam all the way around the safe; it is perfect. The box did not even let the rain in to ruin the day. Very happy with this gun safe from the minute I laid eyes on it.


One great piece of kit with this safe is the biometric locks, which are easy to set, and the webpage, hell, even the listing on Amazon has a video on how to set the biometric lock. I was most impressed with the locking mechanism; it actually has one in steel bars that secure on both sides of the door. The bars do not secure on the top and bottom as the expensive safes do, but this safe, one strong young guy or two strong old-timers (like myself) can carry it to the upstairs bedroom closet. The lock system is able to be opened by a separate key if the batteries go dead or something goes wrong with the lock. The keys are individually cut; they are not like some of the old school gun lockers with round keys, like a soda machine with three or four general keys. I am a very novice or lower lock picker, with my super cool leather pouch set, and there is no way to even feel the tumbler pins inside this lock, so I will say it’s a good one. 


The gun locker is not fireproof and will not protect guns in a fire or from water for more than maybe five minutes, so that is not its strong point, nor is it what the Blacksmith is made for either. This gun locker or gun safe is made to keep hands off the guns or whatever you put in there, and that is it. I will bolt to the wall studs and will probably take a crowbar to pry the wood screws out.


The inside of this gun safe is very nice, felt-lined, and will keep the surfaces of your favorite super cool AR15 all shiny or flat black, whichever you choose; I don’t judge. The outside of the gun safe is pretty good-looking and will blend away in a big enough closet. The rifle compartment (I guess that’s what it is called) will hold any AR platform rifle; I extended the stock fully on mine, with an 18 barrel, and had plenty of room to spare. The pistol rack on the shelf is a no-go unless you plan to store Micro pistols there. If you place your EDC stuff on that shelf so the pistol will lay flat and longways, you are in good shape, but the 1911 I tried to get a picture of would not sit on the shelf in the foam rack; the handle sat out of the doorway. The safe will also fit my Mossberg 590 with no problem and a hunting rifle, but a bird gun will be too long.

The pistol holsters built into the door will hold just about anything you put in them, so that is a better alternative, and use the shelf to hold boxes of ammo and magazines. The door also has two nooks that would be good to hold magazines, but they will be tight if you need to get to them in a hurry.


Would I recommend this unsafe? Absolutely! I may get another one to keep at the cabin to secure rifles when we go there; affordable, nicely made, good looking, and easy to move, what's not to like? It is easy to move to wherever you want to put it, so don't worry about the floor giving out or a safe moving crew to place it. Mine will be in the closet and keep whatever is placed in there nice and safe, out of the hands of the littles and curious folks that come to visit, but very handy when things need to be taken care of if the need arises." — Gary Anderson

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Author: Ray Campbell
Jan 30
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