I Tested And Ranked The Best Safes For Long Guns In 2024


I Tested And Ranked The Best Safes For Long Guns In 2024

Are you on the hunt for the best safe for your rifles and shotguns? I tested the most popular options on Amazon, and ranked my top picks. Here are some helpful reviews.

Blacksmith - Swiss Fingerprint Technology

Highlight: Comfortably stores 5 rifles and 7 pistols.

Helpful review: "This safe is a 5-gun or 5-rifle safe, as advertised. I took a bunch of different long guns to check out how they all fit, and I will give you my honest feedback.


First, we have to talk about the way Blacksmith packages the safe. The delivery driver left this gun safe in the box in the driveway, on its back. The box was in pretty good shape, but I think the shipping was a little on the tough-love side. I cut open the box and then cut the box off of the safe, as they are pretty long, and it was easier. The corners are protected with hard plastic corner savers, and the thick styrofoam saves the contents from rough handling and travel. Once opened, it was in perfect condition.


The steel is heavy-duty for a gun locker; this is not a proper safe, it will not protect from fire or water damage, but it will keep fingers out of things they should not be into. The gun locker will screw to the wall studs for tip-over safety and to make taking it a little harder, but a good crowbar will feed the scores from the wood. The biometric lock is easy to deal with, and the video will show you how to set it. It takes about 5 minutes, including watching the video. The look is also operated by a hidden key, which is precision cut, and that lock will not be picked by an amateur ( I know because I tried and could not even get the pick to pull on the tumblers).


Now that all the boring stuff is done, let's talk about piling guns into this thing. I placed the old Marlin 22 in there; it was an easy fit. The 30.06 required to live here deer rifle went in next, and if you take the shelf out, it will fit. My old Mossberg 20 gauge bird gun was too long. The shotgun would have fit if my safe did not have the small secondary lock box on the top. I am sure side-by-side guns will not fit if they are actual bird guns or trap guns, either. I don’t have an old Mosin-Nagant to try and see if it fits, but I am sure it will be close if it fits at all.


The door has a built-in pistol holster holding just about any handgun. The door also has two nooks or shelves that can hold small or thin ammo boxes, but a box of shotgun shells will be a tight fit. The small locker in a locker is nice and keyed separate from the door. I'm not sure that the plan is for that extra lock box other than keeping ammo separate from the guns or cash and jewelry away from your hunting buddies that have access to the safe. The door is secured with two steel rods on each side. The gun safe is lined with gray felt and looks very nice and very professional. If your long guns lean towards the collector side or the very fancy, this gun safe will keep them from getting dinged up or marred. The perfect polished wood stock will look great forever.


I plan to keep this locker at my cabin so that when we are there, we will have a secure place to stash the guns when we are not using them. To be proper, this gun locker or gun safe is easy to move with two people or one strong one. This thing will fit in any closet and is small enough to fit to the side of the doorway, so it is out of sight and out of mind. With the biometric lock, it will be quick and easy to access if you are in a hurry, and it is very secure for anything you need to keep secret and safe.


This gun safe can be opened by using a numeric code that you can set yourself (between 3 to 8 numbers), your fingerprint, or a key. Now, the key is intended more as a backup and the keyhole can be plugged when not in use, so it sort of blends in with the exterior finish. Setting the pin and the fingerprint was a pretty easy process to follow; just go along with the instructions and it will come easily.


So I guess now the only thing left is whether I recommend this safe or not. Absolutely! This safe is easy to move and can be hidden for all intents and purposes. It is well built, looks good, and is easy to operate; now, for the best part, nearly anyone can afford one, or maybe two if you need them." — Gary Anderson

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Author: Noah O. Thompson
Jan 16
Article source: https://www.topfirearmreviews.com/post/best-safes-for-long-guns