SF0201 Pistols Safe, Bedside Gun Box with Fingerprints

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The Gift of Security: Fastest quick access biometric fingerprint technology, with the gas strut, allows you to obtain your gun within 0.1 seconds. The pistol safe can also be unlocked by setting a 4-10 digital password or using two spare keys.

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0.1S Biometric Fingerprint Recognition Pistol Safe

Experience faster access with the improved gas strut in our gun lock box. Quick Unlock with Quick Access in 0.1S: Open quickly and quietly with the Blacksmith SF0201 bedside small pistol safe.

Protect Against Curiosity:
Keep young children safe from firearm risks. Secure items away when unsupervised. Store responsibly in this biometric gun safe. The Blacksmith 0.1S semiconductor fingerprint recognition gun lock box ensures rapid handgun access, adding precious moments in dangerous scenarios.

Quick Access Trio:
The Blacksmith SF0201 nightstand pistol safe offers 3 swift ways to access, powered by 4 AAA batteries.

Fingerprint entry, a 0.1-second solution open automatically.
Secure, concealed number buttons allow for 4-10 digit password entry.
2 spare keys for emergencies when battery or memory fails.
USB-C cable option when battery depleted.
Uninterrupted Firearm Access:
Keep your gun accessible at all times. Set your fingerprint, password, or have keys at the ready.

Fingerprint Setup:
No fingerprint can open the pistol safe until it is set.

Insert 4 AAA batteries.
Short press "SET" button, two beeps, and flickering screen.
Place your finger thrice in the recognition area, long beep signals success.

Password Creation:
Revamp the default password (1234) for heightened security.

Insert 4 AAA batteries.
Short press "SET" button, two beeps, and flickering screen.
Enter 4-10 digits, conclude with unlock key, long beep confirms new password.

Emergency Key Usage:
Avoid storing spare keys within the gun safe.

Slide cover right to access keyhole.
Insert and turn emergency key clockwise for unlocking.

Smart Functionality:

Mute Function:
Hold "1" key for 4s to activate mute mode. Repeat to deactivate.

Smart Alarm:
5 incorrect attempts lock system for 100s. Use spare key to release quickly.

System Reset:
Long-press "SET" for 4s, flashes indicate success. Restores factory settings.

Anti-Theft Methods:
Secure pistol safe with bottom screws or steel cable to prevent easy removal.

BLACKSMITH: A Guardian for Your Family

More than safeguarding your firearm, Blacksmith gun safe provides peace of mind. Interior soft foam padding shields valuables. Internal LED light ensures low-light access. Additional hydraulic rods ensure a longer lifespan.

Security Anytime, Anywhere:
Store 2 standard or 1 large pistol. Conceal under car seats, mattresses, or in narrow spaces. Perfect for bedrooms, offices, or drawers. Keep your firearm close and secure.


Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Larry Ames
Super love this pistol safe

Good quality with reasonable price.Not only can use indoors but also can easily take out.Quick access, secure peace!

Home Safety Essentials

I have a four-yearold son. He is cute and very curious about anything in the world. He always likes to dig out everything in the house.Thus,My husband and I need to hide the gun carefully and try our best to prevent him from dangerous.This pistol safe could really help us, the unauthorized can't open it and we don't need to worry about how to hide the pistols after having it. The quick access via biometric fingerprint and gas strut makes retrieval effortless.

Roger William Agan
Biometric gun safe

I really like the heaviness is this safe. Quite secure. Quick access with biometric fingerprint, Plenty of room for my two compacts. Very pleased with the ease of opening and setting up. I feel very good about putting my firearm in this safe.

Mark Harroch

Very responsive! Great size! Very happy with it.

Brad Holmes
A Must Own

Really nice pistol safe. Biometrics work great. Fit both my pistols and an extra magazine. Would definitely buy again.

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Q: What are the interior and exterior dimensions of the gun safe?

A: The gun safe's exterior dimensions measure 13.54"(L) x 10.35"(W) x 3.5"(H). The interior dimensions are 10.7"(L) x 6.9"(W) x 2.2"(H).

Q: Can this pistol safe be secured in various locations?

A: Yes, you can secure the pistol safe using the steel cable or the pre-drilled holes at the bottom, enabling installation at home, bedside, or in your car.

Q: Can multiple users access this gun safe?

A: Yes, you can store up to 20 user fingerprints, allowing multiple authorized users to access the safe. However, the pistol safe will remain inaccessible until at least one fingerprint is registered.

Q: Is it easy to break into with tools?

A: No, the gun safe is constructed from solid alloy steel with a pry-resistant door, a high-strength locking mechanism, and precise fittings. This design ensures that the safe is highly secure against unauthorized access and resistant to attempts at forced entry.

Q: How secure is this pistol case compared to traditional lock-and-key models?

A: Our pistol case features advanced 2.0 semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology, ensuring quick access within 0.1 seconds. This upgraded tech provides fast and secure fingerprint recognition, offering enhanced security and access control exclusively to authorized users.

Q: Is this gun safe suitable for storing multiple pistols?

A: Absolutely, the gun safe is designed to accommodate either two standard-sized pistols or one larger pistol. This versatility ensures it can meet the storage needs for various firearm sizes.

Q: What if I forget my password or the battery dies? Can I still get into the safe?

A: Absolutely. In such situations, the gun safe includes an option for access using a USB data cable. This added feature is particularly valuable during emergencies or when other access methods are unavailable.

Q: Does this gun safe have features for accessing firearms in the dark?

A: Absolutely, the gun safe is equipped with a built-in LED light, enabling you to access your firearm with ease even in situations of low light or darkness.

Q: Does the pistol safe have a silent mode?

A: Yes, you can activate or deactivate the mute function by long-pressing the “1” key.

Q: What are the different ways to access this gun safe?

A: You can access the gun safe using fingerprints, a 4-10 digit digital password, or two spare keys, providing multiple options for quick access.

Q: Is the door opening mechanism quiet and durable?

A: Yes, the door opening mechanism is both quiet and durable, thanks to the upgraded gas struts. These enhancements ensure not only instant door opening but also contribute to the gun safe's overall durability.

Q: Is this gun safe portable and easy to hide?

A: Yes, the compact design makes it easy to hide under a car seat, bedside, drawer, or other inconspicuous locations, while remaining portable for on-the-go use.

Product Manual

Please click here to download the product manual.

SF0201-Pistol-Safes-m SF0201-Pistol-Safes-fingerprint

Biometric Fingerprint Quick Access 0.1S Pistol Safe

Safeguard your family with Blacksmith's quick-access gun safe. Protect young children and limit unsupervised access to valuables. The Blacksmith advanced upgraded 2.0 semiconductor 0.1S fingerprint recognition tech gun lock box grants rapid handgun access, affording more time in perilous situations.

sf0201-pistols-safe-bedside-gun-box-with-fingerprints-4-ways-m SF0201-Pistol-Safes-4-ways-quick-access
sf0201-pistols-safe-bedside-gun-box-with-fingerprints-2-installation- sf0201-pistols-safe-bedside-gun-box-with-fingerprints-methods

4 Ways to Quick Unlock

Open quickly and quietly by unlocking your firearm in just 0.1 seconds via fingerprint tech. Use a 4-10 digit password or spare keys for rapid access to firearms at any time. In addition, when you have correct password or fingerprint, but there is no battery inside or the battery is run out, you can also use the USB-C cable to open the gun safe.

sf0201-pistols-safe-bedside-gun-box-with-fingerprints-secure-m sf0201-pistols-safe-bedside-gun-box-with-fingerprints-secure-m

Keep Your Family Safe

Blacksmith's quick-access pistol safe is indispensable. Safeguard young children from firearm risks. A gun lock box restricts unauthorized access. Properly store items or make them inaccessible when unsupervised. 

SF0201-Gun-Safe-function SF0201-Pistol-Safes-alarm

Advanced Semiconductor Fingerprint Recognition Tech

Experience cutting-edge semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology. A high-resolution scanner detects your fingerprint in 0.1 seconds. Store up to 20 user fingerprints for multi-user access. Achieve 100% reliable unlocks, even in darkness. The mute function safeguards privacy during emergencies.

blacksmith-pistol-safe SF0201-Pistol-Safes-details
sf0201-pistols-safe-bedside-gun-box-with-fingerprints-details-m sf0201-pistols-safe-bedside-gun-box-with-fingerprints-details

Sturdy & Security

Crafted from solid steel with a pry-resistant door and featuring an improved gas strut for Open Automatically functionality, this handgun safe ensures durability and firearm security. A high-strength locking mechanism and precise fittings defy pry attempts. Secure your smart pistol safe with the included steel rope. Pre-drilled holes allow installation on the floor, table, or wall.

blacksmith-pistol-safe SF0201-Pistol-Safes-includes

Portable & Compact

Measuring 13.54"x10.35"x3.5", this gun lock box holds 2 standard-sized pistols or 1 larger firearm. Whether at home or on the go, it's lightweight and compact. Conveniently hide it under car seats, bedside tables, drawers, spare tire wells, and discreet spots. The fingerprint nightstand gun safe features an integrated LED light for easy access in darkness.

blacksmith-pistol-safe SF0201-Pistol-Safes-scence

Excellent Customer Service

The biometric gun safe for pistols arrives reinforced, with interior protective foam. Dedicated to excellent products and top-tier customer service. For inquiries, contact us. Your satisfaction is our commitment.

blacksmith-installation SF0201-Pistol-Safes-methods
blacksmith-pistol-safes blacksmith-pistol-safes
blacksmith-pistol-safes blacksmith-pistol-safes
blacksmith-pistol-safes blacksmith-pistol-safes