Voice of Customer

Voice of Customer


BlackSmith Gun Safe Review

I think it's pretty neat that they included features to prevent theft or accidents like tipping over on kids. While I have another safe that cost about 2000 bucks and is much better made, please don't compare this one to that. Considering the price, I believe it's a quality product, and I appreciate how easy it was to set up.


Gun Safe Overview

This rifle case can hold five rifles and three pistols in the door. Additionally, there are shelving and a lockbox inside. What sets this apart is its three different access methods. Firstly, there's a digital keypad where you can program a unique code. Secondly, there's a biometric fingerprint reader, my preferred method as it's quicker, especially in a panic. Finally, there's an external keyhole supplied by the manufacturer.


Pistol Safe Unboxing

Inside the box, you'll find your owner's manual and a set of keys for access, useful if you run out of battery, forget your password, or encounter issues with your fingerprints. Also included are the batteries, which I've found are not normally provided with other pistol safes. Additionally, it includes screws, wall anchors for mounting to a sheetrock surface, and a USB power cord for battery backup.

Why You Need Multiple Gun Safes

Having multiple gun safes is essential for various reasons. Firstly, investing in a small, affordable safe that can be easily transported to a hunting camp and left there permanently is a wise decision. Additionally, having one in your bedroom and another in your guestroom offers added security. Your guestroom is particularly suitable for accommodating visitors who may bring firearms to your home. Even if you're not a gun owner yourself, providing a safe space for valuables, including firearms, jewelry, or cash, is a responsible choice. Much like a hotel provides a safe for guests, having one of these pistol safes at home can offer peace of mind and security.


How dquick isSF0104 rifle safe

See how quick we can get in this, obtain your gun within 0.1 seconds. Safety, I missed on the first one. It's pretty quick, Highly recommended!


Chacking out A new Safe

I've been exploring the Blacksmith Gun Safe as I'm in the market for something suitable to place either in the back of my Durango (check out my vehicle channel) or in my bedroom by the bed. With multiple gun safes and lockers already, I'm seeking quick access, and this might be the ideal solution not just for me, but for many of you out there.

What Can I CRAM in here | Blacksmith Gun Safe

Taking an in-depth close-up look at this Blacksmith 5-gun safe, we have our dial, though its purpose remains a mystery, and a USB-C for backup power, a cool feature. There's also a hidden key backup and, of course, the handle for quick access with fingerprints. Moving top-down, inside the safe, I've stored a Sig P250 and a Glock 19 pistol with ease.